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hey guys it's Hannah and today I'mcoming to you gone a video just about fivebooks that you dependence to edit I filmed avideo just in the same way as this a tiny even though backcalled seven books you need to gain access to andit was basically me just nice of play a role awrap-up of some books that I've readsomewhat recently and essentially loved and Ijust recommend and it's kind of my wayof perform a guidance slash a wrapup video and you guys essentially liked thatvideo I essentially liked making that videoand I have five more books that I readkind of recently one of them are at awhile ago but I haven't talked roughly itmuch that I just thought that I shouldrecommend to you all because some ofthem I think are kind of below hyped anddon't get sufficient attention and otherones are beautiful hyped and certainly getenough attention but I truly taking into consideration themand
I just wanted to part I also likethese videos because I acquire to pick likea wide variety of books hence I'm notsticking to a specific genre or categoryor anything in the manner of that in the manner of I have adultin here I have why a contemporary inhere it's a kind blend of stuff fittingly yeahwithout any extra ado let's get intofive books that I think you compulsion to readthe first one I have to recommend is abook that I know a lot of people readright subsequent to it came out it came out inSeptember and a lot of people reallyreally enjoyed it rightly suitably and thatbook is sadie by Courtney summers thefirst situation I will say more or less this isthat I actually recommend listening tothis record as an audiobook because theaudio photo album is phenomenal I actually readlike half of the record and later Ilistened to the supplementary half on audiobookand while I think reading the folder isalso a perfectly genuine way of reading itlistening to the audiobook is ten mature enlarged because this autograph album is told informat of a podcast correspondingly some of the chapters of this photograph album are in the formatof a podcast which is called the girls apodcast revolves vis--vis the murder ofthis juvenile woman named Maddie and hersister Sadie who disappears soon afterher sister's murder the additional chaptersthat are not in the format of thepodcast are told from Sadie'sperspective after she has run away andwe get to locate out subsequently what she's doingand I can't draw attention to acceptable howphenomenal
this photograph album is it's a youngadult thriller and I honestly think it'sone of the best thrillers I've ever readit's one of the most suspenseful it'snot predictable in the same way as a lot of otheradult thrillers I've right of entry it's just thatgood I will extremely put a heavycontent daylight on this for child abusespecifically later sexual abuse suitably beaware of that since you go into thisbook it can afterward get lovely groundI can harm sometimes for that reason just beaware of those things previously you decideto pick this compilation stirring but if you are okaywith reading those at the get older after that Ihighly intensely suggest you try thisbook out try the audiobook out if youcan because oh it's chilling the nextbook I have to suggest is option whya contemporary and it actually has kindof a thesame vibe to sadie now that Ithink just about it I guess I'm in kind oflike a podcasting character I don't know whyI don't even hear to podcasts butapparently
I later them in my books butthe next cassette is radio silence by AliceOsmond radio silence is a cd that Ifeel afterward I had seen on in imitation of Instagram alot but I hadn't heard everything about itreally and I knew that it had a verylike little and strong taking into consideration taking into consideration thepeople who have entrance it love this bookand they say it's following their favoritebook and now I understand why but Idon't think that this wedding album gets as muchhype as it deserves even while it doeshave similar to its preserve system I thinkthis autograph album needs to be considering moremainstream it's bearing in mind that fine this bookis kind of hard to accustom becauseI quality later than axiom too much about itgive stuff away later I knew nothingabout it past I started it and I thinkthat's the absolute pretentiousness to go into itbecause behind once more it has a podcastelement to it and it's fittingly hence fine whenyou don't know what's going to happen ingeneral the savings account follows this woman inhigh hypothetical whose main later focus inlife is just comport yourself well in assistant professor likeshe's entirely studious she's enormously verysmart her aspiration is to acquire into Oxfordand she doesn't have too many closefriends because she spends thus much ofher mature just studying but she has areally in point of fact big passion for drawingfan art for this podcast called universecity that she loves to hear to I don'treally want to say anything else becauseI don't think you should know anythingelse
before you go into it further thanthis tally is incredibly diverse it hasfantastic representation main characteris bi she's with a lesbian most of thecharacters in this tally are notstraight and there are lots ofcharacters of color following it's therefore held onin terms of the diversity of thedifferent types of characters we acquire tosee but the description itself as capably is justheartbreaking and pretty and appropriately realand raw to some of the emotions you feelwhile you're growingup in high researcher dealing subsequent to associates Iwill plus tell entirely a Contentwarning for in imitation of abusive parents that'sone of the themes that the relation kind ofdeals behind correspondingly be aware about before yougo into it but could not suggest thisbook enough I adore it and it does notget enough adore the adjacent photograph album I have torecommend is one of the ones that Iactually just finished and I loved it Iloved this folder suitably much and that is thesecret chronicles by Donna Tartt I feellike it took me hence long to edit thisbook I heard consequently many people talkingabout it for a agreed long get older and Idon't know why I didn't pick it up Ithink I was just intimidated by itbecause it seemed next extremely pretentiousand it is but behind a enormously fine purposeif you don't know what this photograph album isabout it basically follows the explanation ofthis guy who transfers from his likesmall community university in California tothis prestigious scholastic in
Vermont wherehe wants to examination English and especiallyhe wants to investigation Greek because he'sbeen studying Greek at his obsolete schooland he truly likes Greek and he wantsto take some more Greek classes and whenhe go Smith intellectual his adviser tells himthat you can't acknowledge the Greek classbecause the Greek professor on your own letslike five students into his class and hedoesn't with having any new people in soyou're not gonna get into that class hethen eventually goes to the Greekprofessor and asks him if he can be letinto the class eventually the professorlets up and he gets into the class andhe meets the students who are in thisclass and they're all lovely eclectic tosay the leastthey're an interesting bunch of

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